Connected, in the originality of all religions

Connessus, invites all men of good will to to be part of it, while fully respecting the originality of all faiths.

It is not in division that great works are accomplished, but in unity of purpose.


In the Parashat Kedoshim 5760 of the Torah we read:

“…and you will love your neighbour as for yourself” (Leviticus XIX,18)

To love one’s neighbor is not only to desire all good for him but also observe the mizvots so as to reach the level in which we love him with the same naturalness with which we love ourselves.


“Just as a mother would watch over her son, her one and only son, with her life, in just the same way develop a mind unbounded toward all living creatures. (brahma-vihara).


“Love your neighbour as yourself” (Mt 19:16-19)


“Loving for your brother what you love for yourself.”

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