Connessus Agoràs

The right place to create the Connessus area can be a square, a lake, or a comparable space with similar characteristics, suitable to accommodate visitors who

will be attending the Connessus events. The following dedicated spaces must be present here: theatre/cinema, event space, Connessus agorà and the Neth-shop.

The Neth will be erected at the centre of the Connessus Agorà and around it very important artistic moments and very involving artistic events will occur, aimed at highlighting, through music and colours, the fundamental theme of sharing.

In fact, in archaic Greece, the Agora was the main square located in the centre of the polis, a place associated with religious sanctuaries, intended for entertainment activities such as parties, games and theatrical performances.

The Neth

NethArs originated from the Neth root, from which the word nexus (connect) originates, the literal meaning of which is “needle. The Neths, in their substantial form recall indeed a needle, an invented instrument to tie, sew and therefore connect. They represent the fulcrum of the Agorà Connessus, the sharing centre.

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