La Neth di Connessus

Dalla terra al cielo ...

The idea

“Connessus, to restore peace and balance among the peoples through the beauty of all arts and at the same time, become a powerful economic aggregator to support the least of the Earth.   An idea to be shared at a universal level, for the “well-Being” of all”

An idea to be shared at a universal level, for the “well-Being” of all” The digital revolution/evolution, which began in the year 2000, has given rise to a society which is too unbalanced towards the world of things and is making us more and more similar to robots. Human beings are made up of two fundamental parts: body and soul. The body, for its very nature, aims at Having, the soul instead tends towards Being, but both must be satisfied in a balanced way. Connessus intends to take care of the Being, the most important part for human evolution, based fundamentally on sharing, intercultural exchange and human relations.

Now it is necessary to shift our gaze “From Earth to Heaven”. We will do this with the help of all the arts.

This is Connessus and the International Connessus Program was started to spread it to all the continents.

“You use a glass mirror to see your face and you use your artwork to see your “Soul.” George Bernard Shaw

For renewed humanization

In the era of social networks, the so-called “digital natives” live in the illusion of being super-connected, but they’re actually becoming more and more lonely. Understanding this concept, helps to better grasp the importance of Connessus and the need to promote it; because that way of life can only generate ignorance, an ideal habitat for ghettoisation and subsequent proliferation of violence and terrorism. Connessus was born with the aim of creating a shared and replicable multifunctional space, which is dedicated to the various arts, for the “well-Being” of its visitors and all the people that the Program will be able to help: Connessus Park. A cultural centre, where events can be held that aim at awakening the deepest emotions, with the intention of bringing together and interacting with the world of culture and the citizens on issues that are important for the human being and the planet in which he lives. All this within a context that is rich in multisensory stimuli created by the artists involved, because only they have that particular gift of being able to make others feel things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to take in.

The Connessus Park fits in, in a unique and original way, as an interesting alternative to the city; a place where you don’t consume things, but you acquire emotions by going from a concert to an art exhibition or from the theatre to a dance, within the same area. The emotions multiply knowing that the purchase of the entry ticket will contribute to helping the “the “least” of the Earth.

From earth to heaven … …

In short, Connessus wants to shift the gaze and therefore the attention of mankind, from the bottom to the top, from the matter to the spirit, from the Earth to Heaven.

This is a complex journey that needs the help of the most suitable vehicle and the most competent crew; the vehicle is Connessus and the crew is made up of the artists who are part of it.

The Neth

This is the soul of Connessus and its visual fulcrum, it is represented by the Neth, a sculptural work created by the artists adhering to the NethArs movements, which stands like a lighthouse/antenna in the middle of the chosen area. A totemic shape that, like the tip of a huge spear, points to the right direction that should be followed.

SHARING: a necessary condition

A requirement without which the Connessus Program cannot be realized is to fully understanding the word: “Sharing.”

Sharing can be joint participation in a project, overall tension, an agreement, an experience that unites in brotherhood and is also lived from different points of view – and which is therefore richer, fertile with discernment and communicative emotion.

Today this word is riding high thanks to social networks, where it indicates the action of publishing, communicating, bringing a thought, a text, a song, a video, a site to the awareness of one’s friends: this meaning, which is less intimate but more concrete, strengthens the channel of a collective cultural formation, where what is being shared is a proposal, a sowing of information, a common building brick – a fundamental channel in every human relationship.

Sharing, therefore is: the Condicio sine qua non of the Connessus Program. Only in those countries, cities or places where the rules will prove to have understood such Condicio, there and only there, it will be possible to erect the Neth and around it develop the Connessus program.


June 2023

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