La Neth di Connessus

Dalla terra al cielo ...

The artists are those “communication professionals” who are able to speak directly to the soul of people. And it is for this reason that Connessus turns to them in order to communicate its intentions. A host of creatives to convey a magnificent goal, to restore the noblest part of the human being: the spirit. Every artistic movement can be recognized by a name and the one chosen for Connessus is: NerthArs the art of unity. NethArs originated from the Neth root, from which the word nexus (connect) originates, the literal meaning of which is “needle.” For this reason, the name “Neth” has been chosen to define these  works. The Neths, in their substantial form recall indeed a needle, an invented instrument to tie, sew and therefore connect. They represent the fulcrum of the Agorà Connessus, the sharing centre. The “Needles” of NethArs, in addition to “sewing” symbolically the different cultures and identities, will also serve to “prick” souls kidnapped by compulsive, sneaky and contagious possession.


One of the peculiarities of the movement is to see multiple artists engaged in the  creation of the same work. This is quite rare in the history of contemporary art, but it highlights its universality from the onset. So not one but more than one, because only by sharing the same work one can witness the true sense of common action.


The second aspect is to attract as many people as possible in the Connessus agorà, the place chosen to raise public awareness of the various proposed themes, in order to connect them through the work and works of the intellectuals involved. Art as a mirror of the soul to make man reflect again on his Being, a fundamental need for the survival of the whole human race and its habitat.

How? By creating thematic cultural events around the Neth that are designed with respect of different cultures and faiths.

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