La Neth di Connessus

Dalla terra al cielo ...

The totemic shape of the sculpture is vertical and measures a total of twelve metres in height, by three metres at the base.

A special compartment will be created in each Neth, in which you can insert all those precious elements for the spirit and the intellect, so that they may be protected and preserved for posterity. A sort of “message in the bottle” to be abandoned to the currents of time.

Too often time erases the true story, leaving room for facts that tell only the loudest and ugliest part of humanity. The steel “hold” of the Neth, on the other hand, will be prepared to contain the most precious, delicate and fundamental thing for Man: Culture.

In the Age of “having” it is very important to preserve the seeds of Being in what can be defined as a new Ark of Alliance. Dreams about the future shouldn’t be missing in this Ark and to this end, the thoughts, drawings and objects will be included that young people and children from the countries where the Neths will be erected consider the most important and significant.

Eco-sustainable aspect

Ogni opera sarà alimentata da fonti energetiche rinnovabili che la rendono totalmente autonoma. Tale scelta è particolarmente importante sia da un punto di vista ecologico che pratico, poiché la rende adatta a qualunque tipo di territorio, anche dove non esiste nessun tipo di fonte energetica.


June 2023

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